The Abercrombie Workout: Abercrombie and Fitch Models Strategic Muscle Building

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I’m sure you have noticed that Abercrombie and Fitch models have some of the sharpest looking physiques in both the modeling and fitness industries. For years people have tried to bust their butts in the gym in order to resemble that type of look but seem to fall short. So why is it that so few have even come close? Do these Abercrombie models know something that we don’t? What if I told you that there is a legit way of sculpting and building muscle in all the right places to create an astonishing body just like them. The Abercrombie Workout addresses that very issue. Click here to get the look!

fitness model workout <H1>The Abercrombie Workout: Abercrombie and Fitch Models Strategic Muscle Building</H1>

Why Their Program Is Way Different Than Yours

Having the right muscle mass and density in all the right places is crucial, yet people don’t seem to understand this. Most gym rats have high hopes of creating a great looking body but they go into their workouts blindly. There is no strategic plan to their gains. They end up just trying to put on as much muscle mass as possible without ever thinking where that mass ends up. This is a sure way to ruin your look. Putting on muscle no matter where it ends up is a recipe for disaster. You simply don’t want to look like an oversized bodybuilder. That look has been dead since the 1980′s!

Are You A Victim Of Squats, Dead Lifts, And The Bench Press??

This is another reason why weight lifters don’t build the kind of body that they see on posters, billboards, or on shopping bags. They typically follow the average muscle building routine that is revolved around these three lifts. Here are the reasons why I would avoid these lifts at all cost:

Bodybuilder Look 202x300 <H1>The Abercrombie Workout: Abercrombie and Fitch Models Strategic Muscle Building</H1>

(This is the kind of body that the “Big 3″ lifts will create. You do NOT want this. Round and puffy muscles with a thick midsection doesn’t cut it for Abercrombie models)

1) Squats- Do a great job of adding a lot of mass to your thighs and butt. You do NOT want this! Abercrombie models don’t have huge butts or thighs because it will ruin their look. They also won’t be able to fit into stylish pants.

2) Dead Lifts- This lift also does an incredible job of adding mass to the midsection, thighs, and butt. Adding mass to your midsection will ruin the natural “V” in your upper body. Take a moment and study their physique. They all have nice wide shoulder that tapers down to a small and lean waist.

Note: This is why I skip direct leg work completely. If you have been lifting legs for any length of time I can almost guarantee that you have enough leg mass(probably too much already). You are NOT committing a bodybuilding crime by skipping legs! Get that out of your head. You will thank me later.

3) Traditional Bench Press: I am still a huge fan of the bench press, just not the flat bench or decline bench. These lifts focus way too much on lower pec development. You don’t want your pecs to resemble that of woman’s breasts. This is why I only recommend doing chest exercises in an inclined fashion. You want masculine square pecs. A line that goes all the way up to the collar bone is very desirable. Upper pec development will give you that angular looking chest that women love.

4) Bonus: It is also a good ideal to stray away from shrugs and upright rows. Abercrombie and Fitch models have wide and ripped shoulders. Adding mass in traps will take away from your sharp, angular, wide shoulders. This is extremely important for you as well as models to sport fashionable clothes. For more tips and techniques check out The Fitness Chronicle

Understanding The Difference Between Myofibrillar/Sarcoplasmic Muscle Growth

1) Sarcoplasmic: I’m not going to bore you by going into the scientific portion of muscle growth so I will make it simple. Sarcoplasmic muscle growth is displayed when you are lifting in the high rep ranges. Ranges of 8-15+. This really fatigues and breaks down the muscles. Too much attention on high reps will make your muscles look soft and poofy. You will be able to fill a shirt, but when it comes to beach season you won’t have that rock hard look like the models you see posing.

ryan reynolds 01 <H1>The Abercrombie Workout: Abercrombie and Fitch Models Strategic Muscle Building</H1>

(This is the kind of body the Abercrombie Workout targets. Ryan Reynolds is not an Abercrombie model but he fits the profile very well)

2) Myofibrillar: This is where your muscles look hard and dense. You could call it density/strength training. This is done in the 2-6 rep range. Lifting for muscle density does a phenomenal job of creating a hard and angular body. The more you train for strength the more tone that muscle will display. If you ever see a guy that has muscles that always look “slightly flexed,” this is a big reason why.

Creating A Good Base For The Abercrombie Workout

It is very important to lay the foundation of the workout before you even think of utilizing it. You have been working out in all the wrong ways so we need to retrain your thinking and approach to muscle building. The Abercrombie Workout is laser focused on utilizing the proper balance of building the right muscle mass and density. But if done in the wrong timing and sequence…you will come up short. That is the premise behind the “Shrink Wrap Effect” which we will cover in the next post. Stay tuned for the rest of the nuts and bolts! We will cover diet and andvanced techniques later that Abercrombie models don’t share.

PinExt <H1>The Abercrombie Workout: Abercrombie and Fitch Models Strategic Muscle Building</H1>
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